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Listen to music for peace. Watch music videos about peace from various genres: classic rock, sirens, new music, pop, country, jazz, hip-hop, rap, flashbacks, oldies, antiques. Many artists and musical groups are writing political music, singing songs with lyrics about politics and peace. Most musicians are anti-war. John Lennon, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Dixie Chicks.


Important Political Music Videos

Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin The U.S. vs. John Lennon


Music for Peace

Kellee Maize - Integration Kellee Maize - Aligned Archetype
Kellee Maize - Revival of the 5th Sun Kellee Maize - Mad Humans Kellee Maize - Mind RIght
Kellee Maize - Hasta Abajo (All the Way Down) Kellee Maize - I Insist Kellee Maize ft. Jasiri X - Notice the End


Peace Activist Radio

Polygraph Radio Truth Music for the Movement



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