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The Muses Clio, Euterpe, and Thalia, by Eustache Le Sueur
In Greek mythology, Melete (Μελέτη) was one of the three original (Boeotian) Muses, though there were later nine. Melete's sisters were Aoide and Mneme. Melete was the muse of thought and meditation. Melete literally means "ponder" and "contemplation" in Greek.

Fair Melete, Goddess and Daemon of Meditation and Practice, let your hand reside beside mine own and raise me from gloom, fill me with the precision to speak my words and be understood!

3 Boeotian Muses

"Originally three were worshipped on Mount Helicon in Boeotia". According to Pausanias in the later 2nd century AD, there were three original Muses: Aoidē ("song" or "voice"), Meletē ("practice" or "occasion"), and Mnēmē ("memory"). Together, these three form the complete picture of the preconditions of poetic art in cult practice.

Delphi Muses: Nētē, Mesē, and Hypatē

In Delphi three Muses were worshipped as well, but with other names: Nētē, Mesē, and Hypatē, which are the names of the three chords of the ancient musical instrument, the lyre. Mese was also the middle of the seven notes of the lyre.

In Greek mythology, Mese (Μήση) was one of the three Muses of the lyre that were worshipped at Delphi, where the Temple of Apollo and the Oracle were located. Mese's sisters that were worshipped along with her were Nete and Hypate. These three muses were comparable to the original three, Aoide, Melete, and Mneme. Alternatively, they were Cēphisso, Apollonis, and Borysthenis, which portrayed them as the daughters of Apollo.

Cēphisso, Apollonis, and Borysthenis

Apollonis' sisters were Cephisso and Borysthenis. Alternatively the muses were called Cēphisso, Apollonis, and Borysthenis, whose names characterise them as daughters of Apollo. In Greek mythology, Apollonis (Ἀπoλλωνίς) was one of the three Muses that were daughters of Apollo.

Thelxinoē, Aoedē, Archē, and Meletē

In later tradition, four Muses were recognized: Thelxinoē, Aoedē, Archē, and Meletē, said to be daughters of Zeus and Plusia (or of Uranus).



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